Our best selling smoker is: The Meat Smoker

We've Discovered the Best Barbecue Ever... are very proud to be the first to sell the Thuros Cater in the UK. This Barbecue is quite simply the best we have ever used and we can't think of a single thing we'd change on it. Without Further ado, here is a little video introduction to the... Read More

Food Smoking Courses

If you want to get the absolute best from your OutdoorCook food smoker, you may want to attend a food smoking course. One of the best around is provided by Turan with details available from - he gives a great introduction to both hot and cold smoking. Read More

Trout: from lake to smoker to plate!

Here are some photos of a recent Outdoorcook fishing trip to Boring Wheel Trout Fishery in East Sussex. It was a beautiful few hours on the lake with 3 nice rainbows caught on a fluffy weighted orange fly. Of course we had to smoke the trout and yes, it was... Read More

Food Smokers for Farm Shops and Small Holders

We have supplied smokers to several farm shops and artisan food producers around the UK.  The smokers most suited for professional use include our Professional Meat & Fish Smoker, our Electric Smoker and our Food Smoker. We can also supply larger Professional insulated smokers if you really get into smoked... Read More

Game Fishing: Smoking the Catch

Salmon and Trout are by far the most popular foods to smoke in the British Isles. The flavours, oils and even the colour of these game fish lend themselves to the noble art of smoking. Farmed fish bought from the fishmonger can be very successfully smoked but the ideal experience... Read More

Catching Your Own Sea Fish for Smoking

We are based on the beautiful Sussex coast and like nothing better than catching our own fish for smoking. Until you've caught your own shimmering Mackerel, smoked and eaten them you have not enjoyed the pleasures of sea fishing or fish smoking to the full! For loads of great information... Read More

Presents for Men who like Fishing

A Fish Smoker makes a fantastic and 'different' gift. If your husband, boyfriend, father, brother or son enjoys fishing or just enjoys barbecuing or cooking outdoors, then consider giving them a fish or meat smoker for their birthday. All our food smokers make excellent gifts with our Small Portable Fish... Read More

Smoked Chicken

Smoked chicken is not a meat that immediately springs to mind when you think of smoking your own food, but its popularity is definitely growing considering the enquiries we get. Here is a recipe for hot smoked chicken I tried recently that worked beautifully in our Electric Smoker.   I... Read More

Simple Home Smoked Salmon

This is as simple as smoked salmon gets. Here I used our Professional Meat and Fish Smoker with the non-electric firebox. I packed the firebox 3/4 full of sawdust. I used about 1.5kg of plain beech sawdust and 500g of our beech sawdust with juniper berries. I lit the firebox,... Read More

About Hot Smokers

Hot smokers, as the name suggests, are designed to both smoke and cook at the same time.  The heat source is usually located directly underneath the food and can be provided by charcoal, wood, an electric element or gas ring.  Hot smoking, although hot compared to cold smoking, usually takes... Read More

Cabinet Smoker

A cabinet fish or meat smoker is the most widely used product type for home smoking. Its as simple as it sounds being essentially a cabinet with door, vents, racks and/or hooks and of course a smoking box at the bottom. A prime example is our Food Smoker. Read More

Lighting your Fish and Meat Smoker

Unless you opt for one of our electric smokers, your fish or meat smoker will be fueled by lighting sawdust, wood chips or wood shavings in the fire box at the base of the smoker.  Getting your lighting technique right takes a little practice, but your patience will be rewarded.... Read More


FAQs 1: What is the delivery time? Delivery takes approximately 5 working days.   2: What is hot smoking and cold smoking and which smokers are suitable for which method? Hot smoking both smokes and cooks the fish or meat and is the most common method for amateurs. It is easier... Read More

Choosing the Right Fish or Meat Smoker

We supply food smokers to fit most budgets and intended applications. Here is a simple guide to choosing our products: Great Value entry level smokers: If you are after a no frills cheap and cheerful fish smoker try this as it is good for hanging fish or meat of various... Read More

Meat or Fish Smokers? whats the difference

Some smokers are more suited to fish and others to meat. However, there is really very little difference and fish or meat can be smoked successfully in all the smokers we sell. One consideration is the size of space you need and whether you intend to hang your food from... Read More

How long does it take to smoke meat or fish?

This is a question we are often and reasonably asked by our customers. Well, there is no definitive answer actually because it depends what you are smoking and what you are hoping to achieve. Meat or fish smoking times vary dramatically and the following guidelines are EXTREMELY general. Practice makes... Read More

Value Fish Smoker

Several hundred of these great versatile little smokers have now sold and it is no surprise it remains our best seller.  It is a cheap fish smoker, but a good quality item that is capable of smoking 5-10 mackerel or one large salmon or a couple of trout at a... Read More

Mackerel Pate Recipe

We love making this simple mackerel pate that's delicious on bagels, toast, baguette or pita bread. Hot smoke a couple of mackerel so that the meat easily comes away from the bones. Discard skin and all bones Place the meat in a mixing bowl with a large dollop of cream... Read More

Smoked Mackerel

Smoking mackerel, fresh from the Sussex coast is where our love of outdoor cooking and smoking really started. Fresh mackerel is all well and good, but when you've had a bumper catch smoked mackerel really comes into its own. The delicious oily nature and flavor of this wonderful fish works... Read More